A new standard of care for infection control

Prevacept Lock Solution®

PrevaCept is a fast-acting antimicrobial catheter lock solution that kills biofilm pathogens and thereby maintains a clean catheter lumen for the safe administration of treatments or therapy. PrevaCept is a solution containing the antibiotic drug Trimethoprim (TMP) in an aqueous buffer containing 25% ethanol, calcium disodium EDTA and propylene glycol.

Catheter lock solutions are introduced by syringe into indwelling catheters to act as a hydrostatic lock between use. When instilled into indwelled catheters, PrevaCept kills biofilm pathogens which prevents exposure of pathogens to the patient and reduces their risk of blood stream infections and sepsis. The lock solution also prevents the backflow of blood into the catheter lumen which keeps the catheter open to flow.

Supporting data

Clinical evidence

It was demonstrated that PrevaCept achieved a statistically significant reduction of bloodstream infections in a large randomized controlled clinical trial in hemodialysis patients with central venous catheters comparing PrevaCept against active control Heparin (5,000 U/mL). In a cohort involving 43,000 patient days of exposure, PrevaCept resulted in 1) a 78% reduction in CLABSI compared with heparin lock and 2) a reduction in the absolute infection rate down to 0.09/1,000 CVC days. This infection rate when extrapolated to an annualized infection frequency per patient, represents approximately one CLABSI infection every 32 years.